Monday, 1 October 2007

Haslefoot Bridges

In his Nonconformist Ministers Memorial Edmund Calamy begins with ejected or silenced ministers in the cities of London and Westminster and in Southwark. He begins at St Alban's, Wood Street, and says of
MR. HASLEFOOT BRIDGES of St. John's College, Cambridge. He was a gentleman and a scholar; much admired, though of a reserved disposition. About the year 1680, he lived at Enfield, Middlesex; but whether he preached there or not, doth not appear. He was possessed of an estate, and was disposed to do good with it. His only daughter being unhappily married, he gave the whole of it (on condition of her dying childless, as she did in 1695) to charitable uses: principally to the college where he was educated, and to the parish of which he was minister.
[It is added: Dr Wm Watts was sequestered from this rectory. He had been chaplain to Charles I and, from Walker's account, appears to have been a respectable and learned man. If it be true, as that writer relates, that he and his family were treated with severity on the change of the times, Mr Bridges was in no sort accessory to it; nor did he immediately succeed him, but a person of the name of Glendon, so that probably he might not enjoy the living till after Dr Watts's death, as he died some time before the Restoration. Mr. Fisher as assistant to Mr Bridges was ejected with him.]

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