Friday, 9 January 2009

Farewell Sermons (audio)

Two Farewell Sermons can be heard being read here. The sermons are those of Edmund Calamy and Joseph Caryl.


Ray Tolley said...

Hi, Gary,

A most impressive site! I will have to spend a lot more time browsing your works!

However, 'grasping at straws' - do you have any knowledge/links etc on the works of Isaac Watts? In particular, I want to try and understand the use of church music and the transition from 'plainsong' into the much more popular tunes as now transcribed through years of Victorian editions. Quite simply, what were the tunes/harmonies that Watts or other congregations actually used. Do you know of any archive that might possibly have copies of original music scores?

In Him,
Ray T

Gary Brady said...

I can't remember if I rsponded to this but I'm afraid I'm of no help on the issue you raise. Sorry.

Yewtree said...

The sermons seem to have vanished from that site (maybe they weren't conservative enough).

Well done for putting together this excellent resource on the Great Ejection. I knew a bit about but I now know more after reading some of your site.