Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thomas Doolittle

Thomas Doolittle (1630-1707) was an English Puritan pastor of the 17th century. At his death, in 1707, at the age of 77, he had the distinction of being the last surviving pastor of the Great Ejection.

Born in Kidderminster, as a boy he heard Baxter preach "The Saints’ Everlasting Rest" (published 1653). The addresses led to Doolittle’s conversion and he would later call Baxter his “father in Christ.”
As an assistant to a county lawyer, he was required to work on the Sabbath adn so he left. Baxter encouraged him to enter the ministry. He studied at Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, earning a BA 1653 and MA 1656. His tutor was William Moses, later ejected from Pembroke.
Doolittle quickly earned a reputation as a great preacher. In 1653, he received Presbyterian ordination but committed himself to St Alfege, London Wall, where he until ejected in 1662. His ministry there had been eminently successful. In 1657, he had written to Baxter “God hath given me abundant encouragement in my work, by giving me favour in the hearts and affections of the people … and others in the city."

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Norma said...

Thanks for writing this blog. I'd never heard of the Great Ejection until today, and was surprised to find a blog devoted to the topic. It's been interesting to read.