Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Pendlebury of Bury

In Bury, Lancashire, the Presbyerian Church of 1719 and the Independent Chapels, that in the 19th Cnetury were in New Road and in Henry Street (erected 1792 and 1807 respectively) are the outcrop of the ejection of 1662. The Rev Henry Pendlebury, MA was ejected from Holcombe Chapel, in Bury, in 1662. For over 25 years, Pendlebury continued to preach wherever he could in the district, in secret and illegally – in Richard Kay's barn, in the houses of Margaret Holt, Giles Unsworth and Abraham Wilkinson, and even in the open air. Eventually a Meeting house was built for him in Bass-lane, in the township of Walmersley. After his death the Presbyterian place of worship, called Dundee Chapel, on the opposite side of the brook to the Episcopal Chapel, whence Mr. Pendleton was ejected, was built for his successor; and in 1719 that part of the congregation who resided in Bury, erected a chapel in Silver Street.

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