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The Savoy Conference

(From Wikipedia)

The Savoy Conference of 1661 was a significant liturgical discussion that took place, after the Restoration of Charles II, in a supposed attempt to effect a reconciliation within the Church of England.
It was convened by Gilbert Sheldon, in his lodgings at the Savoy Hospital in London (where the Savoy Hotel now is) and was attended by commissioners: 12 Anglican bishops and 12 representative ministers of the Puritan and Presbyterian factions. Each side also had nine deputies (called assistants or coadjutors). The nominal chairman was Accepted Frewen, the Archbishop of York. The object was to revise the Book of Common Prayer. Richard Baxter for the Presbyterian side presented a new liturgy, but this was not accepted. In 1662 the Act of Uniformity followed and the Great Ejection.

The nominated commissioners and deputies were as follows:

Accepted Frewen, Archbishop of York
Gilbert Sheldon, Bishop of London
John Cosin, Bishop of Durham
John Warner, Bishop of Rochester
Henry King, Bishop of Chichester
Humphrey Henchman, Bishop of Salisbury
George Morley, Bishop of Worcester
Robert Sanderson, Bishop of Lincoln
Benjamin Laney, Bishop of Peterborough
Brian Walton, Bishop of Chester
Richard Sterne, Bishop of Carlisle
John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter

For the presbyterians (eventually ejectees marked *):
Edward Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich
Anthony Tuckney*
John Conant (Reynolds' son-in-law)
William Spurstow*
John Wallis
Thomas Manton*
Edmund Calamy*
Richard Baxter *
Arthur Jackson*
Thomas Case*
Samuel Clarke*
Matthew Newcomen*

On the episcopal side:
John Earle, Dean of Westminster
Peter Heylin Sub-dean of Westminster.
John Hacket
John Barwick
Peter Gunning
John Pearson
Thomas Pierce
Anthony Sparrow
Herbert Thorndike

On the presbyterian side:
Thomas Horton (ejected but then conformed) 
Thomas Jacomb*
William Bates*
John Rawlinson*
William Cooper*
John Lightfoot
John Collinges*
Benjamin Woodbridge (ejected but then conformed and then became a nonconformist again)

There was to have been one more deputy on the presbyterian side, the former physician Roger Drake*. A clerical error caused his name to appear as "William Drake" in the official document, and he did not actually attend.

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