Monday, 4 July 2011

Baptists and 1662

This is a 46 page Carey Kingsgate booklet from 1962 containing two essays, one by E A Payne and one by Norman S Moon giving the background to 1662 and saying what there is to be said about Baptists in that connection. Moon says that according to W T Whitley no more than 26 Baptists were among the 2,000 (Payne suggests less). Most notable was Henry Jessey of Southwark. Others include Richard Adams, Richard Breviter, Daniel Dyke, John Donne, John Gibbs and John Tombes. Also note Vavasor Powell, John Miles and Thomas Ewins. Payne also points out that Francis Bampfield and others later became Baptists, after their ejection. The conventicle act affected Baptist churches quite a bit and at the end of 1662 there were 289 Baptists in Newgate Prison and 18 in The Tower. The booklet takes the story into the more recent past, mentioning The Occasional Conformity Act of 1711, Dissenting Academies, Carey and the eventual repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts in 1828.
(An article on the subject by W T Whitley can be found online here)

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