Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Millard The Great Ejectment of 1662

Benjamin A Millard's 1912 book The Great Ejectment of 1662 is just 114 pages and seeks to introduce the subject to young Congregationalists of the time. It is the sort of thing we need today updated.
It was published by the Congegational Union of England and Wales has 8 chapters.
1. Before the king came home - Giving the background and explaining the religous parties of the time (Independents, Presbyterians, Praltists adn Roman Catholics)
2. "Presbyterian" Ideals - Having explained their dominance among the Puritans at this time he says that they sought four things - 1. Limitation of the scope and powers of the Episcpal office 2. A more thorough and effective system of spiritual discipline 3. Omission of certain ceremonial acts and prohibition of certain vestments 4. Thorough revision of the Prayer Book inviolving omissions and additions.
3. The Act of Uniformity - Here he surveys the course of events to the passing of the act
4. "Black Bartholomew" - This relates the actual events of the time the act was implemented
5. The whip of scorpions - Here he realtes the persecution that followed including the bringing in of further Acts that served to make the suffering of the Nonconformists greater.
6. "Of whom the world was not worthy" - something further on the sufferings that were endured 1662-1688 with some examples
7. The spoils of victory (1) - After a brief review he give, first, more particular consideration to the matters arising, namely 1 The supremacy of Scripture 2 The responsibilities of conscience 3 The basis on which a National Church should be established 4 How spiritual unity can be realised
8. The spoils of victory (2)  - The final brief consideration is to do with 1 Human rights 2 Spiritual freedom

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